Yard Work = Decorations!

It's that time of year when the garden goes dormant and the last of the roses bloom.  That's my signal to put on the old sweatshirt and get busy weeding and trimming.

I had four long stemmed red roses that remained on the bush.  They weren't the best ones - offshoots of offshoots - but still would look pretty on the table.  As I was trimming back some of the tree branches and the vines covering the walls, I realized what a wealth of "Christmas greenery" I had available!  Holly, of course, is the traditional plant we associate with the holidays, along with pine boughs, but why not use some of the stuff that's readily available!?

Here's what I found:

Creeping fig - it's going crazy on my wall right now and the new growth looks pretty!

Pine needles of course!

Japanese Spindle (green and white)

Evergreen tree (I don't know the name but will try to find it on Google!)

Bay Laurel - love this one!!

Another vine - I don't know the name of this one but love the glossy leaves
Nice variety to choose from!

Here's the finished product - just a sweet little bit of nature inside:

Here's a Christmas Eve table decoration from last year using greenery from the yard.  Bay laurel, a candle and some glass ornaments.  Lovely and simple!
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