Pixies Anyone?

When I was growing up, my grandmother on my mother's side lived across the street from us.  My mom's sister, my aunt, and her family lived two doors down from my grandmother.  I have such wonderful memories of being around family every day; the fondest being desserts.

My grandmother was a grey-haired, plump woman (my father called her "the general") who always wore housedresses and an apron along with her black shoes and nylon stockings.  She was a marvelous cook.  Each day one of us (my brother, myself, or my three cousins) would get to choose the treat she would make.  In the afternoon, after school, we'd head to Gram's and were greeted by homemade treats.  We would choose from gingerbread, sticky candy (we'd get the honor of hitting it with the handle of a table knife), Robin Hood cake (with buttercream frosting dribbled over it after the pieces were cut and were still hot out of the oven), brownies, Chocolate Drop cookies or Pixies.  It is Pixies that bring me to this post today.

I thought these wonderfully delicious cookies were unique to our family, but of course that is not the case.  I'd like to think that the recipe is truly unique and it is different from others I've seen, but I'm sure it was gathered from a cookbook somewhere long ago.  Tomorrow is treat day at school, and while others are adept at pulling together meatballs or casseroles or other delicious fare, I will, as always, bring something sweet and chocolately.  Tomorrow it's Pixies.

When I was writing the post yesterday, I noticed that the home page of The TomKat Studio featured a beautiful picture of "Chocolate Crinkle Cookies" - my beloved Pixies!  I also saw a picture of a beautiful chocolate cake with crushed candy canes pressed into the frosting and that got me to thinking... what if the Pixies had crushed peppermint candy instead of powdered sugar?

Here is the result:

I couldn't resist making a dozen of the old fashioned powdered sugar ones!

Yum!  Recipes can be found on the main menu!  Enjoy!


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