Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pretty Cake for Easter

Every year my brother hosts our Easter gathering.  We are a small group - my brother, my mother, my husband, daughter and son-in-law.  But, if you know my family, even with just six of us, we can get a little nutty!

My husband is in charge of the bread - so he made garlic knots this time.  (If you missed the garlic knot post, you can find it here.)  Easy and so delicious!!  I was in charge of dessert, so I just baked a cake.

I wanted it to look pretty, so I went to the old standby cake mix cake and buttercream frosting from iambaker.  I love her rose cake, so I did a variation.  It seemed a little plain, so I pulled a few nasturtiums from the garden and a couple of mint leaves, and voila!  Pretty cake!

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Using a IM tip and a plastic decorating bag, it was pretty easy to cover the cake in these little swirls.  I wasn't too accurate and was very worried about having enough frosting, so at the end, I filled the gaps with just a little pop of frosting.

Also, I saw something somewhere that solved the problem of putting the frosting in the decorating bag!  Too bad I didn't see it sooner because I struggle with scooping that messy frosting!  Sooooo, the secret is to put the tip in the bag, and then put the bag in a glass!  It supports the bag and gives an edge to scoop the frosting off the rubber spatula!  Who knew??? (Probably everyone else but me!!)

I encourage you to try this frosting and technique - it's fun and easy and looks pretty darn impressive (even though it's pretty simple)!

Soooo pretty!!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simple YUMMY Garlic Knots

One of the random food blog posts that appeared on my Facebook feed today was one for Garlic Knots.  I have a weakness for garlic knots.... especially for the ones at two of our favorite restaurants - Mamalucca's or Lascari's here in Brea.  Sometimes they're a bit too garlicky, but always wonderful.

My husband and I were just deciding what to have for dinner.  Usually Sunday evening meals consist of a salad, bread and a nice glass of wine.  I showed him the post and he made a quick trip to Trader Joe's to get the ingredients.  A short time later we had garlic knots.  

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 Easy ingredients, quick assembly and oh so yummy!  Check out the original link here on The Comfort of Cooking!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paper Roses Revisit

Awhile back I posted about working on a wreath made of paper roses.  I had a little bit of free time on my hands and enjoyed making the roses.  (See the original post here.)  I had some fun with those roses and never got around to posting how I decorated a gift for a friend.  I didn't want to post it and have it show up on Facebook before I gave the gift!!  So, when going through some of my photos today, I found the picture and decided it was time to post it.

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Here's a close up:

These paper flowers were a bit different than the ones in the post.  These were created by making a spiral and then gluing the spiral from the outside in to make the rose.  I made a few but couldn't imagine making hundreds.  That's when I bought the paper punch and decided to make the punched ones rather than the spiral ones.  Tutorials are readily available on the web - just search for "rolled paper flowers".

To decorate the bottle, I just tied a bow around the top with a tag and hot glued the flowers on.  I apologize if the name of the wine is a bit offensive - sometimes we in the crazy world of high school discipline tend to have a weird sense of humor!  Oh and also a need to break one of these puppies open now and then!