Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cute Clipboards

Can you tell I'm getting caught up with this little blog?  I've got a lot of school stuff to do - evaluations, preparation for a WASC visit, catch up on email - but a girl's gotta have priorities, right??

I loved the idea of personalized clipboards.  We use them ALL the time in our office.  New student enrollment paperwork, discipline statements, sign in sheets - the list goes on and on.  It never fails though, that sooner or later all the clipboards disappear.  I have one that I painted my name on when I was at the middle school long ago and THAT one has never disappeared!

For this project I bought regular old clipboards from Staples.  The first step is to make a template for the top.  That was probably the most difficult part because of the clip.  I saw somewhere that if you tie the clip OPEN, it makes it easier to trace around it and with some strategic cuts, you'll get a one piece pattern.  

I bought some coordinating 12" x 12" scrapbook paper for these and used some coordinating fibers and ribbons for the top.  It was a fun, quick project and I think these puppies won't disappear any time soon!!  More detailed directions can be found here.

I just love the stuff at the top!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars

Pot lucks are a great time to try out recipes and I did just that last week!  These Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars are one of the treats I had fun making.  This recipe is from  It's just like making Rice Krispie Treats but the recipe uses popcorn instead of cereal.  Throw in some graham cracker bunnies (this was the most difficult thing to find in the store - I found them with the health foods) and decorate with sprinkles and Cadbury chocolate eggs and voila!!

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I was in a rush to get these done, because I was bringing two items, so I didn't have time to run out and buy some doilies to put on the plate to make it pretty.  Necessity is the mother of invention (so they say!) so I pulled out a few sheets of pretty spring-ish scrapbook paper, traced a big bowl on the back side, then cut a nice big circle with decorative edged scissors.  I kinda like the paper better than the doily!!

These are easy - melt the butter and marshmallows in the microwave, stir in all the ingredients and press them into a pan.  Add the eggs and sprinkles on the top and that's it!  There's still time before Easter to run out and find those graham cracker bunnies!!  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cork Wreath

Wow!  It's been awhile!  I've been full of good intentions, but just a little lazy lately.  Maybe not "lazy" lazy - just using the weekends to recover from long work weeks and not having the ambition to start some project at home.  Well, this weekend, I have a pile of stuff to do for work, but I had to do something fun (I'm an expert procrastinator!)

I've been looking for a cork project for quite awhile.  I needed something that would use up a lot of corks because we have a lot of them in the garage.  This particular project from was perfect!!  Tiffany, the blogger, showed all the steps she took to find a way to make the wreath work (thank you Tiffany for saving us all a ton of time and frustration!!) and her directions made it easy to make the project my own.

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I don't know how many corks I used but it was a lot.  I used an 18' extruded styrofoam wreath (the same size and type that I used for the ornament wreath - link here) and the steps were pretty much the same.

I started by inserting toothpicks into the corks.  I used pliers because I needed leverage to push those things in.  Take it slow and have lots of the sturdiest toothpicks you can find.  You'll end up breaking quite a few.   To keep my sanity I would do 10 at a time.  

Start with the inner circle.  I placed the corks even with the table and pushed them in so that they would be even on the back side of the wreath.

Once you finish the inside, do the outside in the same way.

Then, start filling it in.  I didn't want the corks looking too symmetrical, so I did a space at a time rather than circling around and around, but I guess it depends on the look you want.  I also liked the purple ends showing as well as the natural ones.  I had purchased some silk flowers, so I pulled them off the stems with some of the wire remaining and stuck them in, then working the corks around them.

When I finished the whole thing, I cut a bunch of corks in half because there were spots that seemed empty, but too small to stick in another whole cork.  I cut some in half and just hot glued them in.

I turned the wreath over and hot glued the edges of the corks on the inside and outside edges.

I wrapped a piece of wire around the styrofoam threading it between the corks to make a hanger.  I suppose I could have used thick floral ribbon for additional decoration, but I thought the flowers were just enough.

Great project, lots of fun, and pretty easy.  Now, back to Pinterest.....

Update:  The first day of my vacation was spent with a dear friend who wanted a cork wreath of her own.  Within a couple of hours she had created this amazing wreath.  The flowers she chose matched her style perfectly!  What a fun afternoon we had!  Oh and we needed just one more cork, so............ (wink)!!