Quick Yummy Gift

My husband has turned out to be the cook in the family.  I never thought that would happen but am so grateful it did!  His specialty has become anything related to bread.

In the last 10 years or so he's burned through a couple of bread machines but has been able to adapt his recipes to each new machine that has graced our kitchen counter.  I'll come home from work on a Friday afternoon and the machine is churning - we always (or almost always) have homemade pizza on Friday nights.  (It's actually become a "thing" -  my daughter and son-in-law will come for Pizza Friday for their favorite pepper and pepperoni pizza and to do laundry.  Of course they want to see us too!??)

One of my favorite treats that he makes are his cinnamon rolls from scratch.  They have gotten better with practice, and I've enjoyed all the practice!  He did a lot of baking yesterday and asked for help wrapping the treats so he can deliver them to business contacts tomorrow. Four cinnamon rolls with a vanilla frosting and four slices of Simple Italian White Bread with a small jar of jam wrapped in cellophane.  You might recognize the ribbon (from the Button Ornaments) and the bit of greenery (from the Little Gifty Boxes and Jolly Card Clips).  Inside the cellophane is a small card with the name of the treats.

I'm sorry to say that only one small cinnamon roll was left after all the plates were assembled.  Guess it's time for me to have my coffee and enjoy it before someone else gets to it first!


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