Spritz Anyone?

Okay, I admit it, I'm a chocolate-chip cookie dough fan.  I think it's hereditary, because my daughter is too.  Oh, we know it's not good for us to eat the raw dough, but we can't resist.  I don't go so far as to put globs of it on ice cream like she does, but it's a perfect dessert!  One spoonful and I'm done!

Running a close second to chocolate-chip cookie dough is spritz dough.  Oh, the memories I have of my mom making spritz at Christmas time.  I'd be the decorator (I got to pick the sprinkles I wanted to put on them) but I'd also get to eat the doughy spritzy blobs that didn't squeeze out right.  Yum!

My daughter, of course, inherited a love for spritz dough too.  Of course she likes the cookies and can devour a record amount in a short period of time, but she will hang out when I'm spritzing for the malformed spritzy blobs just like I did.  Because she didn't get a lot of cookie leftovers from Christmas, she asked if we could make another (double) batch yesterday.  So we did.  We were good girls.  More cookies were made than doughy blobs were eaten - so I'd say it was a success!!

The recipe my mom used and I still use is from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  I usually double it.  The recipe is under the "Recipe" tag on the blog.

I think New Year's is a perfect time to make some spritz!  Kind of fun to use sprinkles that aren't red and green!  Enjoy!

The perfect breakfast, don't you think?


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