Finishing Up

Since today is kind of a drizzly Sunday and there's no real reason to be outside, it was a perfect opportunity to finish up that beanie.  I sat down with resolve and pulled out a few rows of stitches to get back on track.  It only took a half an hour or so to knit myself back to where I was before I got lost.  I started decreasing stitches, following the pattern, and within an hour or so I had finished THE BEANIE.  I'm going to show it to my daughter for final evaluation and see if anything needs to be tweaked (she doesn't hesitate to let me know if something looks dorky!).  I'd like to use different yarns (maybe that yarn from the yarn shop!!) and make a few for presents.  This one was made with leftover yarn from a scarf I made for my son in law awhile ago.

Regular Guy Beanie
Pattern by The Yarnman (

Almost done - you can see the decreasing stitches moving toward the top

The finished product


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