Time for David's Dollops

As promised, I made a batch of Spritz with chocolate dollops for my husband.  Other than chocolate chip cookies, these are pretty much the only homemade cookies he likes.
I made a single recipe of Spritz cookie dough and used the cookie press to form the cookies.  While they were cooling, I made a batch of chocolate frosting.  The recipe I use has been passed down from Gram - I have no idea where it originally came from.  I'm sure it's nothing original, but we've always used it for frosting cakes, cupcakes, Chocolate Drop cookies (future blog post) and for chocolate dollops. (Recipe can be found on the Recipe tab.)  I use the cookie press with the "funnel" type disc to blob the frosting on the cooled cookies.
I hope we have milk in the fridge - these will be gone in no time.  I try to resist grabbing a few and eating them myself, but it's nearly impossible!

Speaking of cookie presses, this is an old one that my mom gave me when I got married.  I've tried other brands, but always come back to this one.  She was an avid Betty Crocker catalog shopper and collected all those little boxtop thingys to buy pots, pans, you name it. 

Yep, love my "Cookie Chef".  I don't even know if they make them anymore...


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