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If you are interested in having me design a chalkboard, please email me at!  I'd love to design something for you!

Simple Gift

This was designed for an end of the year teacher gift.  I would like to make a few more for a wall with different wording.  Check out the "Chalkboard Clipboards" post!


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I'm very proud of this one.  I repurposed a picture we had hanging for years that I never really liked.  Based on a design I saw on the internet, I changed it up to reflect our So Cal lifestyle and family.

Unique Sayings

I love having a chalkboard outside of my office.  I made this one so I could write positive things about our Vikings!

This chalkboard is a new one to remind me to be mindful.

Since the end of the school year crunch is over, it's time to relax and make some unique chalkboards for colleagues.
This first one was for my boss.... she has survived the storm!


This one was made by request for a colleague who wanted something for her kitchen.  I love the picture she sent!!

This one was for a colleague who turned the big 5-0!!  Two shots:  one after completion and one in action (when we decorated his office!) 

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 These chalkboards were made for retirement gifts.   Designs are original.

This chalkboard was designed for a school superintendent's retirement.  The theme was "creating extraordinary futures" and the quilt theme stitched everything together.

The "theme" for the boards below was either the school door opening and "looking ahead" to enjoying what the retirees love to do or the road from where they had been to what is ahead.  Some were painted on black canvas, some were painted on glass and framed.

The next board was one of my favorites to make.  It has a lot of cool details with the needle and thread.  The theme was "memories sewn together forever".


Gifts for Children/Grads

 These are also 16" x 20" on black canvas.


This was not a birthday gift, but a shower gift for a mom to be.  I thought it would be cool to have a chalkboard that you could write down why you loved that cute little baby. This is made with glass and is set in a rustic frame.

Mother's Day

The following two chalkboards (also 16" x 20") were Mother's Day gifts.

This one was made for a friend of mine.  This design is very much her personality.  She's always busy and everything she does comes from her heart :)



One of my all time favorite things is finding a way to express gratitude.  Having gone through some stressful times in the last few years, looking for things to celebrate or to be grateful for has been a constant source of strength to muster through the tough parts.  These chalkboards have been given as gifts or are on my walls in my home.

This board is the first one I ever made.  It is painted on glass and has a rustic frame.  We are constantly writing on it.  It appears frequently in my Crafty Girls posts on this blog.

This one is a small black canvas with acrylic writing.  It is not an original design but was copied from one I found on the internet.  I wish I knew the name of the original designer, but sometimes it's very difficult to trace pictures back to their origin.

This one also was based on a design I found on the internet.  It's glass and wood frame.  I had it hanging outside of my office just as a reminder to be kind.

More fun quotes:

This one was made from a note my daughter left us when she spent the night.  I had kept it and was thinking of framing it, but then had her do the design for the chalkboard.  I painted it and put it in the guest room, formerly her bedroom.


These were done on repurposed frames.  Two are writable.

Clip Boards

I made these as gifts for my office staff and they were well received.  I've since had requests for them as birthday and retirement gifts (last picture).

This one is for a retirement gift:

For a sewing room:

Secretary's Day

These are original designs using quotes found on the internet.

Teacher Gifts

Purchased "distressed" frame made into a writable chalkboard.  "It's amazing" is the phrase this teacher used frequently.  The student wrote on the board before giving the gift.

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These items are original designs.  

Random Items

I was asked to make a chalkboard for our District Office.  I am so flattered that it now sits in the foyer near the receptionist!  This is an original design.

This next one was made for the CBO at our District.  It was 24 x 30.

Our dear friends own a dance studio and I made this for their fall opening using their logo.

This was made for my kitchen, not an original design.

This was just chalk written on a black canvas.  No paint.

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These two were original designs from quotes found on the internet.

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