Saturday, July 30, 2016

Firewood or Treasure?

Behind a garage, covered in years of dust, dirt and decay, beneath old pieces of wood and sun beaten tarps, a piece of wood caught my eye.  I dug through the layers and pulled this out of the debris:

At first glance I thought it was some sort of lawn chair.  But looking more closely, it resembled a mid-century modern chair that my daughter and son had been given.  I decided to cart it home and take a second look.

The design intrigued me - I have no knowledge of furniture styles, eras, etc. - but this was pretty cool.  No screws or nails.  All the pieces came apart with little or no prodding with a mallet.  Even the rails on the back of the chair pulled out into seven individual pieces.  When sanding (lots of sanding!!), the old finish came off after awhile, most of the black discoloration disappeared and it actually looked like wood.  Oak?  Teak?

The brackets were very cool... but we puzzled over the slots for the seat area.  

After some internet searching, we were able to find out how, without any staples or screws, the webbing for the seat was installed.  After putting a coat of varnish on the chair, we looped individual pieces of webbing through the slots and locking them in as we pushed down on the seat.  Amazing chair!  

My daughter will eventually get seat cushions for the chair they were given, and now they have two!  Can't wait to see the final results!

Take the time. Put in effort.  It will be well worth it.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Grateful Banner

I needed something new to decorate my office after the Fourth of July holiday.  As things get stressful and busy, I sometimes find it hard to step back a little and look at all the things, large and small, that I'm grateful for.  We have our little "grateful jar" at home that we open January 1st, and I forget to add to that too!  I guess I seriously need a reminder to focus on something positive - especially in this era of constant negativity and hateful actions filling our social media and news broadcasts.  

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I had wandered through JoAnn's and Michael's and found these wonderful "THINGS" on sale and couldn't wait to try to put them all together in some way.  It took awhile, but the idea for this banner came into focus and so it shall be!!  I added in some twine and ribbon that I had sitting around as well.

Isn't this twine from Michael's amazing???  It has wooden butterflies already strung on it and it's the perfect length!  When I found that, I knew it was time to take an hour or two and put something together!

I found a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper and blank cardstock that matched the colors of my "stuff".  I cut them in these sizes - 3" x 4 1/2" for the background paper and 2 1/2" x 3" for the cardstock.

I hand lettered the cardstock but you can easily print up letters to fit.  I also looked through my scrapbook embellishments and found some cool brads that I added to the letters.  I took a Sharpie and drew an outline.

To tie the letters to the twine I used some thick bakers twine that I found at Michael's.  I did a simple knot as seen here:

 Then, to attach the letter cardstock to the twine, I did this:

Tied a knot at the top and it drooped over the back which turned out perfect!

 I broke off most of the length of the pinwheel sticks and hot glued them to the clothespins:

 Then, I added pieces of ribbon tied to the twine.  Then all that was left was just a matter of adjusting everything and spacing it out evenly!  Voila!!

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