Repurposing Succulents

Well, it was finally time to bring the pumpkin in off the porch and plant all the little succulents that I used for the decorating project (click here for link to post).  My first thought was to plant them in the garden but when we were out and about today in Pasadena, I saw some beautiful planters filled with succulents.  It would take my little clippings ten years to get that big, but then on second thought, I remembered the centerpiece at the Signature Room restaurant at the top of the 95th in Chicago (we had our 30th anniversary dinner there earlier this year).  I took a picture of the little guys because I really thought they were cool.

My version is not half as stylish, but I think it'll work for the time being.  I'm thinking about taking them to work and putting them on my windowsill.  Cute little buggers!  Directions are here.

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Here are the pics from the Signature Room...

Notice the little potted succulents on the tables?

Maybe some day my little plant will grow up to look like this!

Of course my daughter has to goof around in public.... at a fancy restaurant... sheesh.


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