Valentine Banner

We're having a special treat day next Friday at my school and I want to make it extra special.  But, budgets are tight and all those wonderfully valentiney decorations are not on the priority shopping list.  But looking at this week, there were directions for a simple burlap banner.

I had a lot of the materials on hand (except for the burlap which was on sale at JoAnn's Fabrics), so I adapted it a bit to work with what I had.  With 1/2 yard of fabric, red paint, hot glue, some leftover buttons and twine, in a short period of time I had this:

Note:  Please see project instructions for additional note.

The banner is only about 6 feet from end to end

I added buttons to the burlap and small ribbon knots to the twine

Button detail

Ribbon detail

 Directions are on the Project page.  Easy and fun!


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