Is It Spring Yet?

The sun is out and it's around 80 degrees today.  I know we haven't had much of a winter, but is it wrong to yearn for spring?  My two favorite seasons - fall and spring.  The transition seasons.

Since the weather was so nice these last few days, I had to be out in the garden.  This is the time of year that some of our trees produce their fruit - too many oranges to count and three avocados.  Needless to say, I'm taking good care of those three avocados!

 A routine trip to Home Depot for painting stuff and we ended up coming home with soil, seedlings and lots of ambition.  My husband pulled out some old 2x6's and made a second raised bed for his tomatoes.  I turned over the soil in last year's bed (too much shade for the tomatoes to do well) and this will hopefully become a kitchen herb garden.

I amended the soil in a few of our pots, and added some things which will hopefully do well:  clippings from the oregano plant in the garden, little tiny red onions that were in a bundle at H.D., arugula seedlings, some kind of onion that comes back year after year with a gorgeous white burst of flowering something, and some rosemary.

Little red onions and transplanted bigger onions - maybe chives?
Containers with a myriad of succulents, flower seedlings from last spring and some arugula, oregano and rosemary

Tomatoes - our favorite!

I know this weather won't last, but I hope these little plants will.  There's nothing like walking out the kitchen door and picking some fresh spices to use in a meal.  Time will tell.


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