Swai and My Favorite Broccoli

It was my first day back to school today after Christmas vacation (plus the extra week before that to start recuperating from my fall down the stairs) so I was pretty tired when I got home tonight.  Thankfully, my husband had dinner well-planned.

He planned a meal featuring swai, which he prepared with lemon and a variety of herbs, Spanish rice, and sourdough bread.  I made the broccoli. 

He has become quite the fish cook - has it down pat so the meal prep is well-coordinated.  When everything was ten minutes out, I did my broccoli thing.  (Recipe on the recipe tab - I used the chicken boullion rather than the chicken broth.)  The whole meal took less than 30 minutes.

Gotta love a man whose Christmas list included a cast iron skillet.

Nice meal in our dining room (with the table shortened to a length just right for two), add a glass of my favorite Stella Rosa, and its a perfect Monday meal.


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