Birthday Banner

We'll be celebrating a co-worker's birthday this week and I wanted to do something special.  I googled birthday banners and when looking at the pictures, I figured I could do something similar using stuff I had in my craft cabinet.

It took only a couple of hours, but I think it turned out well.  It was very simple and inexpensive because I used scrapbooking paper scraps, fibers that I had purchased for scrapbooking (yarn would work too), ribbon I had on hand and my computer printer. 

Here is the finished result (it was hard to get the whole banner in the picture) and some close ups of the letters.  

Since it's a handmade banner, you can make it say whatever you like with as many letters as you like!  You could switch up the shapes (I'm thinking triangles?  circles?  hearts?) and use fun fonts.  Make the squares out of themed paper even!  Easy!  Check out the instructions for the project on the project page!  

Each letter is 5" square; the entire banner is about 6' long.
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Scraps of ribbon and fiber were used to connect the squares.

Each square had different paper, each tie was different as well.


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