A Lot of Thanks

I'm a bit behind in writing up thank yous for Christmas gifts from my co-workers. 

My parents were adamant about thank yous.  It was ingrained in us from day one that thank yous were appropriate and necessary.  Of course, we insisted that our daughter did the same.  We were the nags after every birthday, graduation, or other special event where gifts were given.  Not email thank yous, or text thank yous, but real thank yous.

I needed quite a few for work, but didn't have any purchased ones handy.  So I made some simple ones.  Using card stock (4"x6") in various colors, a little bakery string, some scrapbooking brads and embellishments, I made these simple cards.  I used MSWord to write the "thank you!", printed them up and cut them out.  Once the words were glued to the card, I put on the embellishment and tied the string.  I will add the personal message underneath the text.

Voila!  No limits to the combinations you can make!  Fun!


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