A Favorite Cooking Magazine

In my family, we recycle magazines like crazy.  I hate to admit it, but The Enquirer is probably the most circulated (my mom buys it, it goes to my brother first - she always did like him best :) - then to me, then to my daughter, back to me, and then I share it at work).  I also get her Good Housekeeping.  My brother, however, sends the best magazines my way (other than The Enquirer of course!).  He loves to cook, so I get Cooking Light and my personal favorite, Cook's Country.
If you haven't seen Cook's Country, it is a wealth of information.  Not only does it have a variety of full page recipes and directions, but it has articles about choosing spices, or seasoning iron skillets, or other such interesting things.  It also has eight postcard sized recipes as well.  Today I'll share one of my favorites.
The reason that I'm posting this today is that I toured through our neighborhood Walmart today to buy some plastic organizers (I'm going to tackle my scrapbooking stuff this weekend) and I wandered by the magazines.  There, in the front of the display, was Cook's Country!  I've never seen it in a store - not even in Barnes & Noble!  Yay!
So, check it out online  or at Walmart.  I hope you'll love it too!

Roasted Lemon Chicken With Almond-Parmesan Broccoli
30-Minute Supper from Cook's Country


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