Oreo Mini Cakes (with lotsa sprinkles!)

Man it's hot outside!  So glad I felt like checking out a new recipe I found on SprinkleBakes.com!  I had been searching for BIG containers of sprinkles so that I could make these, and finally found them at Smart 'N' Final.  Yay!

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These little cakes are pretty easy but take time and patience.  I think now that I've been through the process once, it'll take less time the next time.

I used the cream cheese frosting recipe that you can find here.

To make the cakes, I used a boxed chocolate cake mix and a bag of Oreo cookies.  Put an Oreo in each cupcake liner. ( I was able to get a full two dozen cupcakes out of the batter since the Oreo's fill the cups a bit.)  Pour the batter (you don't need much - you don't want them to overflow the top of the liner) and cook as directed.

When done and cooled a bit, slice the top of the cupcake off to make it flat and pull off the liners.  Pour LOTS of sprinkles in the bottom of a container.  Frost the sides of each cake and roll it in the sprinkles.

Frost the tops of the cakes and then spoon the sprinkles to cover them.

When finished, add a dollop of frosting on the top (I used my cake decorating tools because I made a few regular cupcakes as well) and add an Oreo.  I like them either way -with or without the Oreo on top.

These can be eaten with a fork (and maybe a knife since there's an Oreo surprise at the bottom!)  I will be taking my batch to work tomorrow - oh and saving a couple to enjoy here at home too!


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