Cheap-o Pillow Covers!

I have a bunch of pillows that I don't like anymore.  But I can't afford to buy new ones - even if they're on sale.  I've wanted to try to make covers for them since most of them have zippered cases, but I've procrastinated.  So, with a couple of hours of down time today, I thought I'd give it a shot.  The final result?  Here they are!

Update:  The top picture is the most recent.  I made a cover for my 22" Pottery Barn pillow (it's the striped one).  At the store, the covers are about $35 each.  I goofed up and didn't measure and bought 2 yards of a 45" fabric.  I could have bought just 1 1/2 yards and it would have been fine.  The cost for the material and zipper was about $15.00.  Compared to the others, that is expensive!!  The white pillow on the right is a re-make of the Pottery Barn cover.  It's not perfect, but I just followed what they did with it.  The fabric isn't as pliable as the original, but it'll do for now.

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A few weeks ago when I was at Hobby Lobby, I bought one yard of 60" canvas fabric that matched our new paint.  I figured I'd be able to do something with it.  (Total cost, about $5).  I purchased two 14" zippers (the least expensive ones I could find).  

Update:  The first two pillows were soooo easy that I went to JoAnn's and found some discounted upholstery fabric and got a yard for $4.00.  I was able to make the two additional brown pillows - one is shown in the picture above.  It's a suede type fabric and it's PERFECT!  I also attempted to make a cover for my Pottery Barn oblong pillow with a button (cheapo fabric as well) but I have to re-do a couple of things.  It was a bit more complicated and when since I was working inside out, I ended up with the larger flap over the smaller rather than the reverse.  Will post that after I tear it apart and fix it.  Ugh.
I wanted new covers for two Pier 1 18" pillows that used to match my orange walls. 

That one yard of fabric was just enough for two pillow covers with very little to spare.  PERFECT!

Directions are on the Decorating Instructions page.  Have fun!


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