Crafty Girls Debut - Projects With Jars

The author of one of the blogs that I enjoy reading, Naptime Decorator, wrote about her monthly get-togethers with other bloggers to do a Girls' Craft Night.  I thought that was a really cool thing.  Each month they pick a theme or a medium (Fourth of July or glass paint, for example) and they get together with supplies, wine and munchies and craft their little hearts out.

I'm not terribly social but I do like meeting up with friends now and then. So, what better way to visit with friends than to try a craft "event" myself?  I sent an email to six or seven of my friends to see if they were interested, and surprisingly, they were!  It was like the "six degrees of separation" - all of my friends have some connection to one another but they don't all know each other.  They are all great women and I was excited about them meeting each other.  I thought it would be a fun group.

Our first project was canning jar candles.  I sent out an email with a list of possible things to bring to decorate jars and some Google and Pinterest images of what other crafty people have done with jars.  Everyone had a couple of weeks to hit the local Hobby Lobby or Michael's or to scour their closets for decorating "stuff".  

It was amazing to see everything that we made!  Everyone had a different idea, but we did a lot of sharing and talking (and eating)!  The results ranged from jars set in flower wreaths to citronella candle jars for the patio to decorations for a birthday party. It was a great afternoon and I am SOOO LUCKY to have such wonderful people in my life!  Looking forward to the next get together - I think we're doing something chalkboardy!!

Chalkboard in use, of course!

A few supplies just to get us started - in jam jars of course!

Having a glue gun station was a necessity - time to pull out all those cheapie glue guns in the closet!

The makings of some great jam jar crafty items

Ta da! What a crafty wonderful group of women!


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