Memorial Day Truffles

Needing a dessert for Memorial Day, I immediately thought of the cookie truffles that have been a tremendous hit lately.  Using red, white, and blue (of course!) I made a batch.  This time, however, I made them a little smaller so they are a bit more bite-sized.  I purchased a small package of Wilton small cupcake liners so the truffles would be easy to eat.  I wanted to have some sort of label so people would know what they are, so I made a small flag banner.  (You can find the recipe on the Recipe Page.)

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To make the banner I used two wooden skewers, printed scrapbooking paper and twine.  My original plan was to stick the skewers in two of the truffles, but it kept toppling over.  I hot glued the bottom of the skewers to a large button.  I put a small dab of hot glue on the bottom of the button and attached it to the plate.  Hot glue usually can be removed pretty easily.  That was enough to hold it in place.

Happy Memorial Day!


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