Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jam Jar Vase

I'm not really a Pinterest fan - I spend enough time on Facebook and having one more obsession might do me in.  But every once in awhile, I'll google images for something, like "twine", and some amazing pictures will pop up.

I had some left over burlap from my last couple of projects, as well as a couple of glass jars from the Cupcake in a Jar treats, so this simple little project was perfect.  (Just as an aside, I had dropped off some Cupcakes in a Jar at my previous school.  I miss the office ladies tremendously and look for excuses to go visit on my way to my school.  I distributed the jars, said my hellos and goodbyes and was on my way.  A couple of weeks later I got a box in the district mail.  One of the ladies had sent back two jars with a note.  It was a thank you note, but she added that her grandmother had canned everything she possibly could back in the day.  She taught my friend that the proper etiquette was to use the contents and then return the jar to the cook.  I thought that was really sweet!)

So, with some burlap, twine, and a jar, I was able to make this little gift.  I would give you the address of the original website, but that's sometimes the issue with Pinterest and Indulgy - things are pinned and repinned so many times that you lose track of the origin of the picture.  That's a shame.

Springtime  jars - cute!  They could hold flowers, a candle, maybe Easter colored M&Ms?  I didn't use the lids, but you could put a sweet greeting in the insert or a circle of coordinating scrapbooking paper.  The ideas are endless!!

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Simple spring flower holder - can't you just smell the jasmine?

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