Chairs Complete!

It's been a little over two months since we started our downstairs "make over" with our blue grey paint and brown accents.  I finished re-covering the seats of all our kitchen and dining room chairs today - 12 in all.  I realized that I didn't have to be picky about making sure the pattern was exactly the same on each chair, that random is okay too!  (I have to override my OCD at some point!)  So, I'm breathing a sigh of relief that things are getting back to normal and I can finish up the little details in each room as we put them back together.

The total cost for the material to cover the cushions on all 12 chairs was approximately $85.  Using the 60% off coupons and doing a few at a time saved my sanity.  If you have new chairs with plastic on them, I would recommend NOT covering over the plastic.  When I did that ten years ago, I thought it would allow me to someday use the original fabric if I wanted to.  I ended up not liking the original fabric anyway and the squeaky sound when people sat in the chairs was annoying.  I would strip everything off and just staple on the new fabric at the outset.

Here are my dining room chairs (against the newly painted and not yellow anymore wall):

Dining room chairs

Here are the kitchen chairs again:

Now I'm on the lookout for a few things to finish off the downstairs.  I saw some wonderful huge "lanterns" at Home Goods that hold those massive candles - I'm thinking one will look good on top of the armoire.  Maybe with a couple of mercury glass vases?  Also, SteinMart had some HUGE clocks.  I think one might look nice over the fireplace.  I also want to buy a weathered wood frame and use blackboard paint and stencil something clever on it for the dining room.  We've always had a little blackboard hanging somewhere and it's been a tradition to write something on it when we have people over.  

Will keep you posted.....


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