Chalkboard Revisited

Update:  Michael's Crafts now carries my favorite Martha Stewart stencils!  When I did my first chalkboard, I searched the internet for hours trying to find exactly what I wanted.  Now the source of these great stencils is only 5 minutes away!  Alas, I digress....  I found the perfect frame and the perfect stencil and was able to pull together this little chalkboard yesterday.  I think these would make great gifts.  I know we use our dining room chalkboard all the time!!  Great way to celebrate those wonderful, everyday moments!!

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And here's a view of our most recent "celebration"!

Original Post:

Yes, I've been away from the blog for awhile.  I think I was recovering from too much painting!  But, the allure of putting new stuff on the walls was too much and today my focus was on making a new chalkboard for the dining room wall.

We've had a little chalkboard hanging somewhere since we moved into this house.  It had a rooster on on a yellow background.  (I had a rooster/yellow/red theme back in the day.) So, as much as I loved that little chalkboard, it just wasn't working with the new paint.  

On one of my favorite blogs, Naptime Decorator, there was a how-to for a chalkboard.  I searched the internet to find the stencil she used and kept my eyes open for a frame that would work with what I imagined.  I was able to do both.  So exciting!  

The chalkboard is pretty easy to make (the directions will be on the craft page) and I am thrilled with the result.  It's time to celebrate something!  Where's the corkscrew.....?

There's always something to be grateful for!


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