DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holder

I've become a big fan of mercury glass.  Not in the "true antique" sort of way, but in a "this is cool for decorating" sort of way.  With the change in paint color in our house, I've gone from warm yellows and oranges, to cool blues and grays.  Silver accents work really well with the new colors.

In the OC Register last week, there was a column about creating your own mercury glass.  I thought I'd give it a shot.  I had an old glass vase-type thing that flowers were delivered in years ago.  That would work.  The second glass item would have gone in the trash if I didn't have this project come up.  My husband loves those Glade candles that come in glass containers.  We go through quite a few.  I started having him save the glass instead of recycling it.  Perfect for this.

So, all you need is Krylon "Looking Glass" spray paint (another option is the "Chrome" paint, according to the article), painters tape, vinegar and a spray bottle.

Here are the results:

For just the cost of the spray paint, you can turn old glassware into cool mercury style glass!

Not bad for the price of the spray paint!

The article stated that some crafters glaze the inside with brown paint.  I have not tried that but will keep you posted if I do. 

Add a candle, and it works on a table!


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