Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, tomorrow is officially Valentine's Day.  Since I'm on a cupcake binge, I thought I'd make a few to take into work.  I just used a boxed yellow cake mix, whipped up a batch of frosting with my favorite recipe (I almost know it by heart now!), and made 24 in almost no time at all.

I did stop by Michael''s and purchase a few things however.  I bought disposable cake decorating bags, the larger tips for cupcakes, a larger connector for the tip and some cupcake liners that I've always wanted to try.  I did bake the cupcakes in traditional cupcake liners, but then transferred them to the fancy ones when I decorated them.

These aren't anything special, but I'm practicing the frosting part.  I'll get it right soon I hope (at least before I gain a few pounds!)


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