From Remnants to Rugs

We were given a very large piece of new carpet - not enough to do a room but certainly large enough to do SOMETHING with it.  We don't like to see things like that go to waste.

David went on the internet and found something called "Instabind".  This is an edging that can be hot glued to the perimeter of a piece of carpet and it looks like real binding.  It comes in lots of different colors and you can find it at  Even though the website recommends a special glue gun, David used his industrial strength garage glue gun and it worked fine.

We have three 3'x6' rugs in our kitchen and are going to do a 6'x8' one in the near future.  For free (minus the cost of the edging)!

The finished product
The Instabind edging looks nice - even around the corners

The back side of the rug


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