Coffee Cake - Yay!

Since today is a school holiday, I have the day off.  It's nice to be lazy since David is working and I don't have to feel guilty for not doing anything productive.  Oh, I have my "to do" list and will probably get at least one thing done, but for now.... gonna relax and read the paper.

I did whip up my favorite coffee cake however.  It's very much like the coffee cake at Starbucks, but fresher.  The recipe is from my 1970's Betty Crocker cookbook (I've put the recipe on the Recipe Page) and I'm sure it's calorie laden, but heck, if I'm not feeling guilty about the "to do" list, I'm certainly not going to feel guilty about coffee cake!!

Warm coffee cake right out of the oven and a nice steaming cup of coffee - who could ask for more?

Topping and batter ready to go in a matter of minutes!

Sprinkle the topping on before putting in the oven

The end result 30 minutes later - much prettier when cut, however!


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