Need a quick 4th of July decoration?  Here you go!

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This banner is very much like the other banners on my blog here, here and here.  Simple  supplies, simple to put together and  maybe an hour or so to assemble.  Who could ask for more?

Start with different patterns of paper.  I chose 4 patterns - 2 red and 2 blue.  You can do all different ones if you like!  There are no rules!!  How often does that happen??

Then, choose coordinating plain card stock.  I chose blue, red and cream.  Buy enough to have a couple of layers.  For example, I had print paper, red card stock, cream card stock, red card stock under each letter.

Speaking of letters, I just found a font I liked and printed up the letters to be about 2 inches square by trial and error.  Cut all your letters and card stock in the same sizes.  Mine were 5 inches for the first color, 4 inches for the second, 3 inches for the third and 2 1/2 for the letter.  The banner base was 6 inches in width and about 8 inches in length. 

I folded over about an inch at the top and glued it down so that the twine wouldn't rip through the paper when it was hung.  I also created a template for the punch holes so that they were the same on each flag.

After assembling all the flags, I strung the twine through them and decided on the placement.  The small clothespins from Michael's were perfect - they looked cute and clipping them to each flag made sure they didn't slip around on the twine.

Here's the final product!  Can't wait for the 4th!


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