Simple Thank You Banner

I've said over and over again how lucky I am to work where I work.  Sure, there are days when I'm on my last nerve, but if you're on your last nerve in an environment where people have a sense of humor and genuinely respect and like one another it's not so bad after all.

Last week was Bosses Day.  Our clerical staff put together a pot luck lunch that was so welcomed that it was beyond belief.  It's been a pretty stressful and busy time of year (can you say Homecoming?) so not having to eat lunch at my desk was wonderful.  All the food was delicious and made with thoughtfulness.

Besides the verbal thank you, I'm all about thank you notes.  But sometimes, when it's a group effort, those get a bit overwhelming.  But all of those ladies deserved recognition for a job well done.  So, how about a banner?

I cut coordinating scrapbook paper into 4x6 pieces.  I used a fun font and printed up the letters I needed.  I cut some 1" strips to make little loops to thread the yarn through the letters to hang it and lastly, I made some hearts for the "bosses" to write a simple thank you.

The banner was strung up in the office and I hope every time someone passes it and sees it, they will realize we really do appreciate one another.  And we're very lucky.

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