Cinnamon Bun Cookies

Can you believe it?  It's that time of year again!  I swear, days have just flown by!  I'm getting ready to host our family Christmas Eve dinner (all six of us!) and wanted to have some yummy treats handy.  In addition to the Spritz pressed cookies and the David's Dollops, I decided to try something different.  If you know me, you know cinnamon rolls are my weakness.  Just search "cinnamon rolls" on this blog or on my Pinterest page, and you will see that I'm a tad addicted!  Well, I found this recipe from the Cooking Channel and it is amazing!!  You can find the recipe here.

I was at work one day and my son-in-law sent me a link to some sugary sweet dessert recipes.  This was one of them.  I've made it several times, and I must admit, you have to practice a bit to get the right swirl thickness.  In the end though, it really doesn't matter how thick or thin the swirls are (I'm not a Cooking Channel cook, so it's never going to look like their picture!) just know that they are delicious! 

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The recipe calls for some orange zest (my orange trees are still producing fruit!) which gives these treats a little bit of a zing!  The glaze is made with Karo syrup and powdered sugar - something I've never used before.  Great with a cup of coffee for dessert (or even in the morning!) I think you'll enjoy these cookies!


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