I've been working on this baby blanket for awhile and finally had the free time to finish it up.  I started out wanting to knit something cute, but crocheting is a bit easier for me and I don't have to concentrate so hard on not making mistakes or slipping a stitch.  So I found a pattern for a cluster stitch on Pinterest (links are at the bottom of this post).  When I finished it up, I wanted a different sort of border, so I found this pom pom border that looked amazing.  

Here is the end result!

The color is bright - not your traditional baby blanket, but maybe it'll be the one that is used for a trip to the park or the grocery store without the fear of getting it dirty.  Or maybe it'll be the blanket that the baby will love because the pom poms are just fun to handle!  Either way, it was made with love (and three skeins of yarn)!

Cluster stitch pattern is from and can be found here.

Pom pom border is from and can be found here.


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