I'm not a good "bar" maker.  My last attempt could have been featured on the Pinterest Fail page.  Big time fail.  Sweetened condensed milk and I do not get along.  Well, that and I substituted M&Ms for bite sized York peppermint patties - that may have had something to do with it.  Anyway, I decided to try again because it's Christmas Eve and I wanted something that will surprise my son-in-law, the resident chocolate expert.

I must admit, these are yummy!  I'm not a bar fan in another respect - I don't like to eat them.  Too much going on in one piece of dessert.  But, I like these!  Maybe it's the crispy chocolate chip cookie dough on the top... maybe it's the Oreo crust... I can't decide.  Maybe I should have another one....

If you're planning to make these, give yourself a little time. There are three steps - the crust, the cookie dough, and the cheesecake filling.  It took me about an hour (I took a little break to run to the store in between steps for something I forgot so I could finish the recipe).  This recipe comes from Two Peas & Their Pod and the link can be found here.

Well worth the effort!  Enjoy!


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