Happy Birthday (Year #2) Pranks But No Cupcakes!

It was that time of year again - my colleague's birthday snuck up on us and we had to think fast.  Pranks are now the norm at the high school where I work and we try to find things that are fun, that require a little effort to clean up, but aren't mean.  Since this was a 50th birthday prank, it had to be good. (See last year's prank here.)

I did a little chalkboard in honor of the big 5-0 and on Sunday afternoon, my boss and I met at school.  Despite there being no air conditioning running, we managed to do a pretty dang good job of decorating (whew it was hot in that small office!) 

He was very surprised (and pleased!) on Monday morning.  I do have to make another birthday banner though - I don't think he ever really noticed that it was the traveling banner in the office and he threw it away.  Oops!

Of course there has to be a chalkboard!!

The big 5 - 0!!

He's happy!!

Just for fun, here are the pictures of my office on the morning of my birthday last September.  I love post its, but after pulling all of those off every surface in my office.... I didn't love them quite as much.  Almost 10 months later, I'm still using them.  (Yes, I saved every last one of 'em.  Can't throw them away!!!)

Yes, that's THE birthday banner!

That is so me!!

  Oh, and the tin foil... and the balloons!  What a great couple of years this has been!


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