Baby Shower Chalkboard & Accessories

Need a quick, fairly inexpensive baby shower gift?  How about a chalkboard?

You know that I love love love these chalkboards.  I thoroughly enjoy making them and I hope the recipients enjoy them as well.  If you've read my previous chalkboard posts here and here and here, you know that I'm addicted!

My bestest friend ever is going to be a grandma for the first time.  I was invited to the shower and I wanted to gift the new parents something unique.  How wonderful would it be to have this in the nursery and write something new every so often?  I'm sure it will be easy to think of a reason to love your baby!

I purchased the frame at Michael's (40% off), used my Martha Stewart stencils (Michael's), bought 1/2 yard of flannel on sale at JoAnn's (using a coupon) and two spools of ribbon.  I used the flannel to make a little bag for the chalk and a square of flannel for an eraser and then cut a 1 1/2 inch strip of the flannel to use with the ribbon to wrap up the gift.  

I think these hot days are good for me - I'm getting so much done!! 
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A close up of the simple bow made with a strip of flannel and two different ribbons

Little flannel bag made by sewing two squares together.  Inside is chalk and a square of flannel for an eraser.  Tie up with some ribbon and you're done!

Tuck the bag in the corner and the gift is ready for giving!


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