Mini Cupcakes in a Jar

Pot Luck Friday and a little thank you to a teacher who has spent the last three weeks filling in for a colleague who has been out.  It's a tough gig being an "acting administrator" and having to suspend students when you are used to being a teacher (and a darn good one!) and don't usually have to be the "bad guy".  But what a great job he did!

We're all bringing in treats so I thought mini cupcakes in a jar would be cool.  I went to WalMart and bought two dozen 4 oz. jelly jars.  The larger jars require 1 1/2 cupcakes to fill... these fill with one.  I cut off the top of each cupcake and then cut them in half.  I pushed one half in, added a squirt of frosting, put the top half in, a little more frosting, some sprinkles and done!!  A little bit of black and gold ribbon and voila!!

I did try a new frosting recipe that I found on Glorious Treats (link here).  It was just enough for 18 cupcakes.

I really like the smaller size - easier to make, less calories for those folks who want to splurge a little.  Plus, having cupcakes in a jar, they're portable and fun to eat!

Mmmmm!  Dig in!


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