Crafty Girls #3 - Fall Decorations

Update:  We had a few leftover blocks.  Emily took them home to "play" with and this was the result!!  She just sent the picture!   Beautiful!!

We were able to get a few of the girls over this weekend to do some fall craftiness.  We're thinking about expanding our circle, not only to make it more fun, but to bring in more inspiration.  But no matter how many people show up, it's still a lot of fun!

I threw an old quilt on the dining room table and we dug in and got started.  Wendy made a beautiful wreath.  We were all commenting on how her flower selection was marvelous!  She revealed that she just bought a pre-packaged bunch at Hobby Lobby!!  Who knew??!!  We immediately felt that we too could do a great wreath!  I think she's going to guide us through wreath making next time we get together!

The "T" is a purchased letter with mod-podged scrapbook paper on top.  She used a grapevine wreath and burlap ribbon.

Another project was a Just Married banner.  Emily bought a pre-made banner but wanted to make it her own.  Using scrapbook paper and a lot of imagination, she brought the wedding colors into the banner.  She's contemplating painting over the white letters with a turquoise blue to make them pop.

A work in progress - scrapbook paper really added to the look of the banner!

I cut up a 2x4, painted the pieces with chalkboard paint, and using some purchased letters and scrapbook paper, made a fall decoration.

I sprayed the blocks black and then cut scrapbook paper to size.  Using a black inkpad, I darkened the edges of the paper before adding the wood letters.  Final coat of Mod-Podge and I was done!
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Emily #2 took some of the 2x4 pieces and did her own version using scrapbook paper, paint and stickers.

The whimsical finished product!

Janice, who had had a very hectic weekend, brought her current crocheting project and just worked on it, enjoying the conversation and camaraderie.

A nice day with friends and hopefully, we can do it again soon!


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