Let's Change It Up a Bit

My "to do" list is a mile long, and I'm a great procrastinator!  Why clean up the kitchen when you can mess around on the computer?  Eventually I'll be good and get my work done, but I wanted to add these little Gifty Jars to the blog in case any of you are looking for more little treat containers.  I made these for Halloween, but they could just as easily be used for other holidays.  I filled them with m&m's and placed them on the desks of co-workers.  I'm sure with all the shenanigans that go on at a high school, having chocolate nearby was a plus!

Gifty Jars

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I'm sure you can use any size Mason jar for these - I chose the smallest ones I could find.  I bought a box of 12 at Walmart for around $10.00.
You will need:
  1. Jars - Mason jars or any other kind of jar you have around.  I save the little jam and jelly jars from hotels and was thinking of using those somehow
  2. Ribbon - both themed ribbon and coordinating ribbon
  3. Stickers
  4. Decorative paper
  5. Tags of some sort
  6. Hot glue

  1. Pop out the top of the lid.  Cut a circle of paper and hot glue it together.
  2. Wrap decorative ribbon around the rim of the lid and hot glue it.
  3. Tie a bow with the coordinating ribbon, attaching the tag at the same time.
  4. Write on the tag or attach stickers.
  5. Add a sticker to the top of the jar.  I bought these at Target in the Halloween party decoration sections.  They were supposed to be used for drinking cups.

I've always tied bows the way I tie shoes - very frustrating when doing crafts though.  They never seem to turn out evenly.  If you compare these bows with the ones I did on the gifty boxes, you will see that I learned the trick.  It only took me years and years to find it.  To make a simple two-loop bow, tie a knot (or just cris-cross the ends like you are wrapping a present), create two loops on either side of the knot, and tie the two loops together in another knot.  Easy!


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