Happy Black Friday!

I'm sitting here debating whether or not today is the day to run to Michael's for a few tidbits to finish off the little boxes I made earlier in the week (see yesterday's post).  I'm thinking maybe they need a few little berries stuck in the bow to make them more festive, but I don't know if this is the day to make a "quick trip" anywhere.  Is there such a thing as a "quick trip" on Black Friday?  I guess this means that I'll be home and will be puttering on the computer or working on Christmas cards instead.

On another subject, if you like to crochet and are looking for a quick baby blanket project, this is one I absolutely love.  I've made about four of them - two shown below.

Baby Baubles Baby Blanket
by Caron

The finished size is 36" x 42" using 40 oz of yarn, but if you use one of those giant skeins, the finished size is 33" x 33" which works just fine.  You can download the pattern at the link below:

Here is another version of the same blanket:

I'm not an expert crocheter, but I can follow a pattern.  I enjoyed this blanket because I could multi-task (crochet while watching Housewives so I don't feel guilty!)  


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