Back to Work Monday

In my real life I'm an Assistant Principal at a high school in sunny So Cal (well, kind of cloudy today actually).  So as much as I'd like to sit here this morning and finish this post, my disciplinary duties await.  I'll be back to finish, but here's a pic of the project I started last night. 

This is a pattern from If you enjoy needlecrafts, check out the site.  If you register, you have access to lots of free patterns, knitting/crocheting help, demo videos, etc.  I look at all the patterns and wish I were a better knitter!

I had some leftover gray yarn and decided to try the Yarnman's "Regular Guy Beanie" pattern  I haven't worked with Double Pointed Needles since I made Christmas stockings last year and they can be intimidating, but once you get going, they're not too bad!  The nice thing is there is no "back and forth" - it's just around and around and around! 

My daughter is here for girls' night and we're having Mac'n'Cheese and watching Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I'll be knitting and will keep you posted on the progress! 

Happy Monday!

New knitty project


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