At the beginning of every school year, I like to make little welcome back gifts for the office staff, which have included little chalkboards and gifty jars.  A random search on Amazon led me to jewelry findings which led me to cabuchons and chains and all sorts of other little cool trinkets.  An idea was born!

It began with the cabuchon.  Many many years ago when I was a little girl, I was given a necklace that had belonged to my great aunt.  This necklace had a four leafed clover set underneath a glass dome.  I have no idea where she got it or how old it was, but since she had always lived in England, I imagined that four-leafed clover had been found in a beautiful green field somewhere near there.  Looking at it now, with "GOOD LUCK" on the back in many different languages, I'm sure it was some sort of souvenir she picked up somewhere in her travels.  And there they were on Amazon... those glass domes similar to the one that held the four-leafed clover.

My order from Amazon consisted of cabuchons, bases for the cabuchons, chains, "steam punk" gears, E6000 flexible adhesive, and just for fun, some metal stamps.  From Michael's, I purchased some little charms, blank circles to letter punch with the school letters and "o" rings to attach everything to the chain.

I printed up a page of small school logos the same size as the cabuchon base - two for each one, since the bases were two sided.  I put a small blob of glue on each logo and pressed a cabuchon on each.  After they dried, I then glued them to the base.  "O" rings attached to each charm and then I strung everything through the chain.  

And here's the finished product!!  This was really a fun, simple and inexpensive project.  These necklaces were a hit and I've made many more since then!  Easy project for beginners and so much fun!


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