Update:  Another birthday that same week!  Another batch of cupcakes only this time with blue frosting and Candy Melt seashells (just buy the inexpensive mold and melt the melts!)

Quick easy birthday cake!!  Don't let the layers scare ya!!

You need:
Three 6 inch cake pans
Bamboo skewers to put through the layers to hold them together
Parchment paper for the bottom of the pans
Sprinkles (of course!)
Fave cake mix
Ingredients for the Buttercream Frosting found on the Recipe page


Baker's twine

Print out for flags or wash tape (I love the little chalkboard flags.  You can find the free printable link here.)

For the cake, mix ingredients as directed.  Divide equally as possible into three pans with parchment on the bottoms  (it makes it soooo easy to pop the layers out!!)  Decrease the baking time by a minute or two, and check frequently with toothpick to ensure cake is done.  While cooling, make your buttercream frosting.  I made a half recipe extra just in case.

Put a big glob of frosting on the first layer and spread to the edges (don't skimp - use enough to secure the second layer).  Do the same with the second and third layers.  Put a couple of skewers through all three layers to hold the cake upright.  Put a thin (crumb) coat on the entire cake and refrigerate.  It will make it easier to frost if the frosting is a bit hard.

Frost the entire cake and add sprinkles as needed.  I pressed some into the sides of the cake.

For the banner, I printed up the letters, folded and glued them to the twine.  Using two skewers as "posts", I attached the twine to the skewers and added to the top of the cake. You can use scissors to cut the skewers into the length you want.

I used skewers again to decorate these cupcakes.  I used MS Word to make the toppers (circles with a daisy clipart).  I used a cake mix and the buttercream frosting with the 1M Wilton tip.  Tying little green bows made it look like leaves.  It's amazing how something as simple as a little topper can make cupcakes much more fun!


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