Done in a Jiffy Baby Blanket

One of my husband's colleagues just had a baby.  He asked that I make a baby blanket as a gift for him and his wife.  I went on (a very cool site) and found this easy pattern.  It reminded me of a baby blanket that I had received when my daughter was born (and which I still have, tucked away in a closet somewhere).  Those handmade gifts are sometimes the most used and cherished.

You can find the link here.  

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I added four tassels to the corners because I like tassels!  Plus they're easy!  I just wrapped yarn around a paperback book 50 times.  Cut the yarn and then tie it together at the halfway point.  Wrap a second piece of yarn around the entire "bundle" three times and tie.  Trim the ends.  Tie it to the corner and use a yarn needle to thread the ends down through the center of the tassel.  Cut the ends to even them out.

Ta da!!


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