Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Hot Little Gift

In preparation for an administrative meeting in lovely La Quinta, I was given the task of making little take-aways for all the attendees.  Found an idea online - a Tapatio party favor!  Perfect for La Quinta!!

My husband, bless his heart, hit several hispanic markets in our neighborhood and bought about 70 bottles of Tapatio.  With some scrapbook paper, twine, my handy dandy paper punch and a few wooden beads, it was a snap to put together the little gifts.

Here they are "in action"!

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Start with a MS Word document and create a circle.  If you're using a paper punch, measure the diameter of the punch and then enlarge your circle to the same measurement.  Put a text box in the center of the circle and add your text.  Cut the circles by hand, use your punch, or whatever other tool you have to cut circles.  I did the white text, a red circle that was slightly larger and then a green circle that was still larger.

Glue everything together and punch a hole in the top.  Cut a length of twine that is a couple of feet long.  Fold it in half, push the fold through the hole and draw the ends through the loop.  Secure the circle to the bottle by wrapping the twine twice around the neck of the bottle.  Tie in a bow and add wooden beads to both of the ends.

I had a few of the bottles left over after the event, so I did some new labels celebrating the hard work of our amazing custodians and gave them a little thank you as well.  Easy, useful, and HOT!! 

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