Easy Breakroom Celebration

Update:  Since we are at the end of the school year, a friend of mine asked me to make a gift for her grandson's Kindergarten teacher.  We decided to do this writable chalkboard with a phrase that the teacher used often:

 She had her grandson write a message to the teacher.  She told me later that the teacher doesn't want to erase the message!  I know my intention was that she could use this over and over and over in her classroom, but I kinda like her idea better!

Original Post:

For Teacher Appreciation week a few weeks ago, our administrators and counselors brought treats for our teachers. We wanted the breakroom to look attractive - and if you've ever been in a school breakroom, you know that's not a simple task!!  However, with a few EASY decorations, we added some pinache to the table!

Pin It

For the chalkboard, use a ready made black canvas and write on it with chalk!  Anyone in education these days knows that chalkboards are a remnant of the good ol' days, but they will always be associated with teachers and classrooms!

Next up, a nice bouquet of flowers.  This one was from my garden.  Some pretty common flowers, but I added my favorite red onion blooms and some mint!  Perfecto!

Coffee anyone?  To make the coffee area a bit more attractive, I wrapped mason jars with some decorative burlap and twine.  Since our school colors are black and gold - it worked!!

So, in conclusion, it doesn't take much to make your treat table a little bit more festive.  Oh yeah, some student created posters help too!!


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