Crafty Girls #4 - Making Wreaths

We had some major craftiness going on today - it was our long-awaited Crafty Girls day.  We all wanted to make something festive, so we made wreaths!  After a few minutes of catching up with each other and enjoying the snacks, we dove in and got to work. Everyone had a different idea and all of the wreaths turned out beautifully!  We're hoping to get together once more before Christmas - gift making maybe?  Ornament exchange?  Time will tell!

We had some beautiful grapevine weaths...

...and some pretty wire framed wreaths.

Check out how it all came together....

Come on in, plop your stuff down and grab something to eat before we begin

The beginning of my wire/burlap wreath.  I'd never done this before so it was a bit challenging.  I ended up using zip ties rather than pipe cleaners and adding the ribbon to fill it in.

Different colors of mesh were used to make Wendy's beautiful sparkler!  She'd done a few others, so she led us through the process.

Extra wide burlap was used to make this unique wreath.  Kimber hopes to change out the decorations from season to season.  Behind her, Emily works on her grapevine wreath with red and green accents and BELLS!

Crystal's grapevine wreath looked amazing with the black and white wired ribbon.

Noelle used adhesive burlap and gold accents for her two wreaths.

It's always a celebration when you're with friends!


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