UPDATE: These wreaths have been a total hit!!  I have made about six of them.  The original website where I found the idea asked readers to submit pictures of their wreaths, and several of mine were mentioned.  You can see that blog here.  Here is a picture of my latest wreath that I made for my boss.  I like the way the ribbon and bow turned out.  I used whatever color of ornaments were left at Walmart yesterday morning.  Not much selection, but I like the result.  Please read original post below the picture.

I needed to do something crafty today.  Christmas is coming and that always makes me want to make handmade stuff.  I don't know how I did all the knitting last year - stockings, afghans, etc.  I don't have half that ambition this year!!

I saw this great wreath on Live Love DIY and had to replicate it.  You can find the blog post and directions here.  Her wreath is gorgeous!  My first try turned out okay.  The supplies cost about $25 - $30 - ornaments from Dollar Tree, a few from Target (the bronze ones), an "extruded" foam wreath (I couldn't find the one she used at Michael's) and some ribbon.  One hour and one hot glue burn later and I had a pretty cool wreath for my dining room!  I have posted my "in progress" pictures here.


I couldn't resist making a few more - this time I used Walmart ornaments!  They had a great selection!  I love the ornaments in a pile too!!


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