I'm "Falling" for Cheapie Home Accents!

Well, here in So Cal, the weather is finally changing!  The common belief is that we don't have seasons here and we joke that we do - two of which are flooding and fires!  But all kidding aside, we do have trees that show fall colors and we can definitely sense a change in the weather.

I love fall.

I am still on a very strict budget and am very reluctant to spend money on seasonal items unless it's a real deal (this is a far cry from the old pre-recession days where money was no object).  It's actually a lot more fun now because it's like a treasure hunt!

This weekend, I went into JoAnn's Fabrics looking for some fabric.  I was planning to start a couple of Christmas presents early so I wasn't in a big rush later.  All their Halloween and fall items were more than half off!  I sorted through the stuff and nothing really caught my eye.... until I found four, just four!, placemats that were brown and light blue.  The exact colors of my dining room!  They ended up being less than $2.50 each!!  

Second stop was the Tuesday Morning store right next door.  They had these fabulous ceramic pumpkins that weren't Halloweenish.  I bought two - the larger was $12.99 and the smaller was $6.99.  I also found a coordinating candle (it had a little dent in it, but who would notice?) for $2.99.  On my morning walk today I picked up a few pinecones. Perfect centerpiece items!!

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So, for less than $30 I'm a happy camper.  Plus I can keep this centerpiece through Thanksgiving since there is no black or orange in it at all!  Yay fall!

Placemat design

A sprinkle of fall in So Cal


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