Twine Holder and Party Glasses

Not much time for crafting this week but I did want to check in. 

On one of the blogs I enjoy reading, Naptime Decorator, the author talks about what a great time she has with her crafting group.  They meet once a month and do something fun and creative with some wine and tasty goodies close at hand.  

I've always enjoyed crafting with friends, but the opportunities to do so are few and far between for me.  When I first got married, a friend and I drove about 50 miles to take a rug-making class at this huge crafting store in Costa Mesa.  We bought all of the materials (it was a costly investment) and were diligent about getting together to work on it.  After many months, life eventually got in the way and we never finished them.  I still have mine in a box, she has hers, and we joke about someday finishing.  A few years ago one of my co-workers organized a knitting party and it was a blast.  We all brought yarn and the more experienced ladies helped the beginners.  The hostess is a wonderful cook and she prepared a variety of delicious dishes for us to enjoy.  It was a terrific afternoon.

So, in the spirit of all things crafty, I decided to try to bring a small group together to do some fun, easy projects, eat yummy treats and have a glass (or two) of wine.  I will keep you posted - we'll see if it flies.  We are all so busy these days, and carving out an hour or two can sometimes be difficult.

But, in preparation for that evening, should it pull together next month, I went to Walmart to look for some inexpensive glasses to use for that gathering.  I found a box of four for $5.00.  I used my chalkboard paint to make a space on each glass where my guests can write their name or whatever.  I saw these at a wedding I attended last year but they were made with the brush on paint rather than the spray paint.  Either way worked well.  Directions are on the craft page.  (This kinda reminds me of the Glamour magazine "Glamor Don'ts" where people wearing fashion faux pas outfits have their eyes blacked out to hide their identity!)

I saw this twine storage solution on a blog somewhere recently - I love the twine spools, but I hate it when they roll off the table.  This 99 cent sugar dispenser from Walmart solved the problem.  Love it!


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