A Flea Market Find - Wire Basket

This morning, after sleeping in a little (my husband and I are usually awake by 5:30 a.m.), we decided to relax a little, which is very out of character for us.  He had made cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine last night, so he finished up the rolls this morning.  (Recipe is located on the recipe tab).  After reading through the morning paper, having a nice hot cup of coffee and finishing off some of the rolls, we decided to head to downtown Fullerton and visit the Mercantile Flea Market that runs on the first Saturday of the month.  

While browsing the stalls, I spotted this:

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I assume it was some sort of basket to carry bottles (milk bottles?) but I immediately imagined it with mason jars, candles, flowers... I knew the idea would evolve.

I ran to JoAnn's Fabrics (1/2 yard of burlap - I know I'd use the surplus somewhere, 1/4 yard of a sale fabric that matched our newly painted walls) then to Michael's.  I downloaded the 40% off coupon on my phone and purchased small candles.  Next stop, Walmart.  I bought the Mainstays brand pint jars ($7.00 for a dozen - $2 less than the name brand, plus they didn't have designs on the side), Epsom salt and twine. 

When I got home, I dug through the cabinets and found a taller jar from spaghetti sauce to use in the center of the basket.  I cut a strip of burlap and hot glued it together around the base.  I cut a thinner strip of the fabric and hot glued that on the top of the burlap.  I wrapped the twine around 3 - 4 times and tied it.

I filled each jar halfway with Epsom salt, and placed a candle in each.  Added some flowers from the garden into the center jar, and I think it will make a nice centerpiece for the kitchen table!  Not too shabby for a Saturday morning project!!  

Directions and more pictures are on the Project page!

Centerpiece for dinner table


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